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Yes, you've hit HSU in Unkel on Rhine, Germany.

HSU is a registered trade mark of Hans Simon OHG, founded in 1959 by Hans Simon in Unkel on the Rhine, Germany.
We are an elctrotechnical company developing and producing components for integration in electric appliances. Since more than 50 years, we are supplier for manufacturers all over Europe and in overseas countries.
Right from the beginning, our reliability, the simple handling and the high quality of our products have always been our best advertisement for us.
Last not least, we owe our good reputation to our beeing always ready to assist you in finding a solution for your special application problems. We do not hesitate to adapt our products to your requirements or to develop innovative solutions.
Our delivery programme includes products that are or have been patented for us. All products are available at any time from our efficient stock.
developement/design - tool making - injection moulding - punching - assembly
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